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David Piper: News

David Piper at Backdoor Bakery - December 14, 2018

Nice to be playing publicly again, and to be getting out of the living room. I’ll play 90 minutes at this cafe in Sunland, CA, 12-22-18. Since it’s the holiday, I will offer a few tunes in the spirit of the season. 

Piper-Grey Back at it! - August 29, 2015

Piper-Grey is back in play.. Hiatus to recover from surgery (Earl - hip replacement) and is over and we are getting ready for our appearance September 13, 2015, at The Fremont Center Theatre in South Pasadena.

On August 15, I played three songs at Dave Morrison's benefit for people without drinking water. May fine songwriters were playing that night and I was honored to join them for a worthy cause. 

House Concert! - Nov. 23, 2014 - November 22, 2014

It is my pleasure to announce that this Sunday my old friend from Los Angeles, David Piper, will be in town and he and I will be performing at the home of Shoshana and Abe Socher. David is a gifted songwriter with an amazing voice who performs regularly in Los Angeles and tours around the country. We will be performing songs from our CDs released on the Trough Record label, including songs featured on WJCU, and other college stations across the country.
Andrew Lorand



COME AND JOIN US AT 7:00 P.M. THIS SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 23rd. at 23415 East Silsby, in Beachwood, OH.

Piper-Grey LIVE at The ONION! - November 16, 2014

Mixed, mastered and sent off to the manufacturer is the album, "Piper-Grey LIVE @ The Onion!"!
We hope to have it in hand by mid-December, 2014.

Piper-Grey new album ready to master! - October 2, 2014

"Piper-Grey LIVE at THE ONION!

Track # 1 - Motherless Child - This traditional spiritual from mid-nineteenth century America is a song Earl and I have been playing for awhile, often as a warm-up. Every time we have played it, a vibe was created that was unmistakeable.

On May 22 at THE ONION in North Hills, CA, with Greg Samuel on bass and Wendy Rosloff on percussion, that vibe was intact and it is captured on this album. It is the only track left completely untouched when we mixed the album.

Support the finishing of this project! Buy one album! Have your name printed on the cd!
$20.00 - (at the bottom of the "Buy" section, see the paypal button)
or send a check to: Piper-Grey, c/o David Piper, P.O. Box 890, La Canada , CA 91012 - thank you!)

Piper~Grey... Success! - May 28, 2014

Piper~Grey - May 28, 2014

This Thursday past we (Earl Grey and David Piper of Piper~Grey) hit the stage at a venue of some renown and completed what we set out to do... we recorded 14 tracks, actually 15 (Ireland was the encore) of new material. It was our first recording in six years (Apples/2008/Trough Records was our debut album).
The place is called "The Onion", a Unitarian church in North Hills, CA, famous for its unique architecture and some psychedelic activity in the 60's by some rather well known folks. Mark Humphreys, founder and president of Trough Records, engineered the recording which we started at 6:45pm and finished precisely at 10pm with one healthy intermission included. We enjoyed a great listening, responsive and patient audience who stayed with us throughout, in spite of the re-recording of certain sections of songs we flubbed.
The musicians we invited as our band, Greg Samuel (stand up bass, flugal horn and trombone), WendySue Rosloff (percussion and autoharp), and Lisa Johnson were outstanding. Paul Zollo snapped photos. Fred Behshid and Zane Piper ran the door while Denyse Buffum, Susan Behshid and Lisa Johnson set up a gorgeous spread of refreshments on the patio outside the sanctuary where we recorded. A rare thunderstorm rumbled over the Santa Susanna Mountains, in perfect view to the north, and a few raindrops fell on The Onion just as we were getting started.
It was a fantastic evening… one for the books and the memories of good things. We have no idea yet what will come out of the recording, but we felt good going away, got tremendous help from several wonderful people, and successfully set this project on a path to success.
We are hoping for a fall release of the album, "Piper~Grey LIVE @ The Onion!"
Stay tuned.

Piper~Grey recorded the following songs on this night, Thursday, May 22, 2014:
1. Motherless Child
2. Signatures in the Sand
3. Mirror Ball
4. Sweet Southern Nights
5. God's Roulette
6. Old New Orleans
7. Low Flying Babies
8. Zion
9. Wind Up Clock
10. Orange Raincoat
11. Must I Go Alone
12. One Cigarette
13. Dinner With Carl
14. Once a Man
15. Ireland (encore)

You can purchase a copy of the upcoming album, "Piper~Grey LIVE @ The Onion!", complete with song lyrics, photos from the evening and artwork by Earl Grey, by going to our website;

Piper~Grey at "The Onion, 5-22-14 - May 16, 2014

Piper~Grey, a musical duo with Earl Grey of which I am a part, is recording a live session on May 22 of this year. That's six days from this writing. Tickets are @20.00 and a CD ("Piper~Grey Live at The Onion") of the evening's work, due this fall, comes with purchase. Go to ( and in the "Buy" section you'll find a paypal button.
If you cannot make it to the recording this coming Thursday, you can still purchase an album/CD for the same price. By doing so you will help us achieve the finish of this project!

Piper~Grey Live at The Onion!
Thursday, May 22, 2014 - 6:30pm
9550 Haskell Ave.
North Hills, CA

Pete Seeger - February 9, 2014

I saw Pete Seeger perform live once in Columbus, Ohio, back in the 80's. He was the headliner following two bands who were very politically oriented and topical in their songs.. I don't even remember what they stewing about.. i just recall the sharp edges of their music and how I tired of it. Pete, however, came out with his banjo on his shoulder and 12 string which he laid down on the wooden stage floor, and began this stirring rendition of John Henry which completely changed the mood of the crowd. It was as if a warm current flowed over all of us and we were captured together inside his simple folk tune.

I saw and felt something there that I think about to this day. His "presentation" was all about connecting with his audience. He had something to say but he was not going to hit you over the head with it. His abilities on the banjo and guitar and his crisp storytelling and lyrical singing voice and songs reeled me into how he saw the world and the battles he fights, the challenges we all face as a human race.

I went back and read his book called "How Can I Keep From Singing". There was a time when I tried to fashion myself a "folksinger", and sang many of the famous "folk" tunes of the sixties. I still sing some of those songs occasionally to school kids, and I will always sing them if given a chance. I think that I have grown enough as a songwriter, singer and player, and an arranger and performer of songs that I don't need to force my opinion upon people as I may have once tried to do. Pete was always trying to get people to sing together, to join together in a cause. But he did it from a loving place and that I believe was the connection that took hold.

I see it as a point of growth. I believe I have Pete Seeger, in part, to thank for that. It is singing from a loving, grateful place that connects with me now more than ever.

I don't have to be Pete. I don't have to be sharp edged or opinionated in my music. I just have to take care of myself and the people who I love and who love me, practice, be prepared, learn and play well, connect with my audience whoever they may be, and be grateful for what I have. That much I received from Pete Seeger,. I only wish I could have met him and told him all this in person.

January 1, 2014 - January 1, 2014

Many thanks for what transpired this past year... the finishing of my father's book, "The Single Wing and a Prayer". Dad was the head football coach at Denison University from 1954-1992. He had a record of 200 wins against 142 losses and 19 ties.
The book is a detailed description of his unbalanced line single wing offense, complete with many of his hand drawn plays. Many photos and anecdotes, from players and coaches who played and coached with and against him, weave throughout the entire book. A 70 minute DVD is included in the purchase.

Over seventy former Denison football players came forward and funded the first print of the book, which was released this past September at a celebration put on by Denison University in Granville, Ohio. George Hill (DU '58), a longtime professional and college football coach, spoke, as well as Denison President Adam Weinberg and Head Football Coach Jack Hatem.

You can order a copy of the The Single Wing and a Prayer, by Keith Piper and David Piper, by going to the Denison University Bookstore website, Cost is $38.95 plus shipping. All proceeds from the sales of the book will go toward the Denison University Football Program.

The Single Wing and a Prayer - September 11, 2013

First entry in two years. Now that is keeping up with the Joneses. My knee is great. The other one needs to be treaded lighted upon, but hey, I got one good one now.
I am off to OHIO to celebrate the release of my Dad's book which I am happy to say I was able to finish... for order details

Playing several songs at the dinner Denison University is laying out for all the wonderful co-publishers who backed the first print. And also playing with my old comrades at a tailgate party before Denison's football game against Hiram College. GReat opportunities. Blest to be upright and alive and in the game so to speak.

Today I went over the anniversary of 9/11 with 35 ninth graders, many of whom have no memory of it.. several were aware only through their parent's reactions.. Many asked Why? WHy did they do it? I tried to give them enough information to formulate their own answer...

Our world is certainly a different place as a result of that day twelve years ago.

Many thanks...


Total Knee Replacement - August 27, 2011

I am 30 days post op from total knee surgery. Anyone who has gone through this knows that the recovery/rehab is long and challenging. And my situation is no different. I am doing as well as can be expected. It was the right choice at the right time with the right doctor to go ahead with this surgery.
Obviously, this has made any public appearances impossible for the time being. But I continue play/practice everyday and will begin rehearsing again with Earl Grey next week for Piper-Grey gigs in the fall.

Trough Records has published a collection of songs this summer from the artists on the label. Two Piper-Grey songs ("Ireland" and "Ioway") and one David Piper song ("Song for Jayne") appear on this collection. I do not know the availability for purchase, but I can find out if anyone is interested.

Best of health to all,

Rudder & Sail comments - June 9, 2011

"Rudder & Sail" received a couple of complimentary notes from Sunday's TROUGH RECORDS NIGHT in South Pasadena:

"I really really enjoyed the closing song - a real rouser! The whole night was enjoyable, but that song really sent us home in an endorphin rush." Peggy Flinn Glenn

"Peggy Flinn Glenn: I agree - it really took off! Like a great spirited Pete Seeger folk anthem. All those voices, it was very strong - and David Piper wrote & sang a great song. He was so happy he said he'd like to record a version like that - he should!"
Paul Zollo

Piper-Grey - June 6, 2011

Piper-Grey appeared at the TROUGH RECORDS Night in South Pasadena last night (June 5) at the Fremont Center along with several other artists on the label. It was a fun evening with alot of great music in front of an appreciative audience. Piper-Grey kicked off the evening with "Tempe", a song written by Earl Grey that appears on the Apples album. Glossalalia was next, a Piper-Grey song also found on the Apples disc. Our last selection was a new song and as yet unrecorded one called "Signatures in the Sand".
One of my songs, "Rudder & Sail" (final song on the All My Angels Past cd) was chosen as the finale this year. We rehearsed it once before the show and hit a rousing response when we played it to end the evening. All the artists were on stage playing and singing the chorus... very nice rendition and I was thrilled to be part of it.
Many thanks to Mark Humphreys, head of TROUGH RECORDS, for all he does to get our music out there.

the new year - January 22, 2011

some happenings coming up...
2/5/11 - A premier of "Lose With English", the latest movie creation from the talented musical group "Bright Blue Gorilla", will be shown at an independent theatre in Los Angeles, February 5. I'll put the details in my calendar when I get around to it. I have a bit part in the movie playing a security guy with big hair.

2/20/11 - Earl and I (Piper~Grey) will play three songs at the "Folktacular" event the night before President's day, the 20th of February. We follow the headliner, John York, so it will be about 11pm or so when we go on. Folktacular, a bi-annual event put on by Robert Morgan Fisher, a writer/songwriter of note, is a ten hour concert, which features a slew of So-Cal songwriters at a cool artist-friendly sort of place called Bergamot in Santa Monica. Starts at 3pm and goes till you drop.

November 13, 2010 - November 13, 2010

Played last night with Earl Grey, as part of the duo "Piper~Grey" at a community center in Newbury Park, CA. The Fireside Concert Series, run by Bob Kroll, had a last minute cancellation and he asked us to fill in. We played a half-hour set (six songs) to open the evening, followed by the fine works of Brad Colerick and then Sabrina & Craig.
Great audience.. filled the room (about 100 people) who hung on every word and note. Earl and I have not played publicly since May but have been practicing and it showed. We played well. When that happens, there is a transcendency to the experience that is palpable. It carries.
A similar experience, musically, took place in Cleveland OH, about a month ago. I played a wedding reception with some old band mates of mine ("The Late Show"; Jack Hire, Robin Jung, Steve Bain, Billy Piper and myself with Paul Roberts on the drums) and damn was it fun! We had not played in six years, had one rehearsal in July, and still we managed to find a vein and a way to run with it. Great musicians all.. what a joy to play with them again. The response was electric with people up and not just dancing... letting it loose out there in front of us.
Last night in Newbury Park, Earl's hometown by the way, had some magical moments when the music seemed to take flight, bigger than both us. Piper~Grey is an experience like none other I've had. I look forward to the next time.

August/2010 - August 21, 2010

Still working on my father's book (The Single Wing and a Prayer/Keith Piper). I will have a finished manuscript in hand by the end of this year.
Musically, I am preparing for a gig (wedding) in Ohio with my old bandmates; Jack Hire, Robin Jung Brown, Billy Piper and Steve Bain. It is always a blast to play with them as they are all fine musicians.
Earl and I (Piper-Grey... continue to hammer out new songs and expect to be back in the studio soon. Our website is going to change this year as we are getting help from our friend, Erik Nielsen.
Best to all and hope to see you soon.

new year - December 22, 2009

PIper~Grey ( is writing their next album.
PIper~Grey is Earl Grey and David Piper.
In the meantime, we are booking for 2010 and ready to play.
We perform as a full band or as a duo.
Our album "APPLES"/TROUGH RECORDS/2008 was voted 4th best in 2008 by Sr. Editor Paul Zollo of American Songwriter Magazine (Dec./2008 issue).

I continue to work on my father's book (The Single Wing and Prayer/Keith Piper), due out in 2010.

Aside from my work on the Piper~Grey album, "Apples", I have three solo albums of original material published, all on TROUGH RECORDS:
Lemonade Shoes 2005
All My Angels Past 2002
Lucky Penny 2000 (all songs are PipersWing Music, BMI)

"Lucky Penny", the song, was recently used in a short film by the same name, by a production company in Canada.

All songs are available for purchase through,, itunes and by request through this website.

Thanks for your support and I hope to share my music with you soon.

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