November 13, 2010

Played last night with Earl Grey, as part of the duo "Piper~Grey" at a community center in Newbury Park, CA. The Fireside Concert Series, run by Bob Kroll, had a last minute cancellation and he asked us to fill in. We played a half-hour set (six songs) to open the evening, followed by the fine works of Brad Colerick and then Sabrina & Craig. Great audience.. filled the room (about 100 people) who hung on every word and note. Earl and I have not played publicly since May but have been practicing and it showed. We played well. When that happens, there is a transcendency to the experience that is palpable. It carries. A similar experience, musically, took place in Cleveland OH, about a month ago. I played a wedding reception with some old band mates of mine ("The Late Show"; Jack Hire, Robin Jung, Steve Bain, Billy Piper and myself with Paul Roberts on the drums) and damn was it fun! We had not played in six years, had one rehearsal in July, and still we managed to find a vein and a way to run with it. Great musicians all.. what a joy to play with them again. The response was electric with people up and not just dancing... letting it loose out there in front of us. Last night in Newbury Park, Earl's hometown by the way, had some magical moments when the music seemed to take flight, bigger than both us. Piper~Grey is an experience like none other I've had. I look forward to the next time.

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