Piper-Grey appeared at the TROUGH RECORDS Night in South Pasadena last night (June 5) at the Fremont Center along with several other artists on the label. It was a fun evening with alot of great music in front of an appreciative audience. Piper-Grey kicked off the evening with "Tempe", a song written by Earl Grey that appears on the Apples album. Glossalalia was next, a Piper-Grey song also found on the Apples disc. Our last selection was a new song and as yet unrecorded one called "Signatures in the Sand". One of my songs, "Rudder & Sail" (final song on the All My Angels Past cd) was chosen as the finale this year. We rehearsed it once before the show and hit a rousing response when we played it to end the evening. All the artists were on stage playing and singing the chorus... very nice rendition and I was thrilled to be part of it. Many thanks to Mark Humphreys, head of TROUGH RECORDS, for all he does to get our music out there.

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