All My Angels Past, David Piper/Trough Records/2002

The twenty year anniversary of the release of this album has arrived. Produced by Thomas Buffum and Thomas Dawson, the album was recorded and mastered at the solar powered Sonic Sorcery Studio in Northridge, CA. A release celebration at the Buffum home took place in August, 2002.

All My Angels Past features 13 original songs that were born from a difficult place in my life, when my father passed away and I was going through a divorce. Looking back, I can see where I was responding to these difficult truths, and I am grateful to have been able to have the support of Tom Buffum, a true friend who believed in me and the music I had to offer. 

The musicians on this project are of some note, starting with Thomas Dawson, who played bass guitar and keyboards throughout, as well as co-producing. Dawson played with The Commodores for many years. Scott Kay, also of Commodores fame, played drums and percussion throughout the album. Yogi Lonich, who played lead guitar for Buck Cherry and The Wallflowers, graced this album on several cuts with his expertise. Robin Jung, a gifted violinist and vocalist who harkens back to my Ohio days, made the trip to California to record on nearly all the tracks. Tom Buffum composed and performed several string arrangements. All of these musicians were present at the well attended album release celebration. 

The sound man for the release celebration concert was Jon MacLennan, only 15 years old at the time. Jon is now an accomplished guitarist who you can find on youtube teaching many popular styles and songs. 

All of the songs on All My Angels Past, David Piper/ TROUGH RECORDS/2002 are available for purchase on Spotify, Youtube, and Apple Music. If you would like a hard copy of the cd, contact me at

David Piper   

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