Piper-Grey new album ready to master!

"Piper-Grey LIVE at THE ONION! Track # 1 - Motherless Child - This traditional spiritual from mid-nineteenth century America is a song Earl and I have been playing for awhile, often as a warm-up. Every time we have played it, a vibe was created that was unmistakeable. On May 22 at THE ONION in North Hills, CA, with Greg Samuel on bass and Wendy Rosloff on percussion, that vibe was intact and it is captured on this album. It is the only track left completely untouched when we mixed the album. Support the finishing of this project! Buy one album! Have your name printed on the cd! $20.00 - www.piper-grey.com (at the bottom of the "Buy" section, see the paypal button) or send a check to: Piper-Grey, c/o David Piper, P.O. Box 890, La Canada , CA 91012 - thank you!)

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