Just a little Christmas scene...
A few years ago i spent three days with my mother in her 200 year old home in zero degree temperatures and no electricity... big ice storm knocked it out. She wouldn't leave. So I kept the fire in the fireplace going for all that time and I have a new respect for those folks whose only source of heat was that fireplace.
It was dangerous out, with everything frozen, but God was it beautiful.


Christmas In My Heart - D. Piper
It's Christmas
Little boys in red pajamas
Little girls who love their Mamas
Christmas In My Heart

It's Christmas
Church bells ringin'
Everybody' s singin'
Christmas In My Heart

The world is in a fix
Nowhere is safe
Except right here with you
And I pray the world waits... for Christmas

Grandma's cookin' dinner
Grandpa's gone but we remember
Christmas in our hearts

A baby boy is born, early Christmas morn
Christmas In My Heart

The Christmas tree is lit
So is Uncle Bill
But we'll sober him up
With a hike over the hill... on Christmas

Cold and frosty outside
Warm and cosy inside
Christmas In My Heart

Church bells ringing
People singing
Santa's bringing

Little girls in red pajamas
Little boys who love their Mamas
Christmas In My Heart