Piper~Grey... Success!

Piper~Grey - May 28, 2014 This Thursday past we (Earl Grey and David Piper of Piper~Grey) hit the stage at a venue of some renown and completed what we set out to do... we recorded 14 tracks, actually 15 (Ireland was the encore) of new material. It was our first recording in six years (Apples/2008/Trough Records was our debut album). The place is called "The Onion", a Unitarian church in North Hills, CA, famous for its unique architecture and some psychedelic activity in the 60's by some rather well known folks. Mark Humphreys, founder and president of Trough Records, engineered the recording which we started at 6:45pm and finished precisely at 10pm with one healthy intermission included. We enjoyed a great listening, responsive and patient audience who stayed with us throughout, in spite of the re-recording of certain sections of songs we flubbed. The musicians we invited as our band, Greg Samuel (stand up bass, flugal horn and trombone), WendySue Rosloff (percussion and autoharp), and Lisa Johnson were outstanding. Paul Zollo snapped photos. Fred Behshid and Zane Piper ran the door while Denyse Buffum, Susan Behshid and Lisa Johnson set up a gorgeous spread of refreshments on the patio outside the sanctuary where we recorded. A rare thunderstorm rumbled over the Santa Susanna Mountains, in perfect view to the north, and a few raindrops fell on The Onion just as we were getting started. It was a fantastic evening… one for the books and the memories of good things. We have no idea yet what will come out of the recording, but we felt good going away, got tremendous help from several wonderful people, and successfully set this project on a path to success. We are hoping for a fall release of the album, "Piper~Grey LIVE @ The Onion!" Stay tuned. Piper~Grey recorded the following songs on this night, Thursday, May 22, 2014: 1. Motherless Child 2. Signatures in the Sand 3. Mirror Ball 4. Sweet Southern Nights 5. God's Roulette 6. Old New Orleans 7. Low Flying Babies 8. Zion 9. Wind Up Clock 10. Orange Raincoat 11. Must I Go Alone 12. One Cigarette 13. Dinner With Carl 14. Once a Man 15. Ireland (encore) You can purchase a copy of the upcoming album, "Piper~Grey LIVE @ The Onion!", complete with song lyrics, photos from the evening and artwork by Earl Grey, by going to our website; www.piper-grey.com

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