The Single Wing and a Prayer

First entry in two years. Now that is keeping up with the Joneses. My knee is great. The other one needs to be treaded lighted upon, but hey, I got one good one now. I am off to OHIO to celebrate the release of my Dad's book which I am happy to say I was able to finish... for order details Playing several songs at the dinner Denison University is laying out for all the wonderful co-publishers who backed the first print. And also playing with my old comrades at a tailgate party before Denison's football game against Hiram College. GReat opportunities. Blest to be upright and alive and in the game so to speak. Today I went over the anniversary of 9/11 with 35 ninth graders, many of whom have no memory of it.. several were aware only through their parent's reactions.. Many asked Why? WHy did they do it? I tried to give them enough information to formulate their own answer... Our world is certainly a different place as a result of that day twelve years ago. Many thanks... DP

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